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Meet Plotaverse, the world’s first photo animation app that can truly animate any single, still photo. As Shaq told CNBC: “Those other apps are loops for video. With Plotography I can take a picture of a beach and then make an ocean move.” The idea behind Plotaverse is that spending hours in Photoshop to create art, which then drowns in social media floods, is finally no longer a problem that artists are facing every day.

Plotaverse 18_06_28_olloclip 5 Reasons Why Plotaverse Beats Photoshop for Photo Animation
Photographer: Troy Christopher Plota

Plotaverse was created by a small group of artists, who noticed early on that still images are pushed over by video content. Their mission was to create a simple solution, shaving hours off photo editing, while creating engagement boosting, and even viral animations. With just a few touches, lifelike movement can be added to any normal photo. Popular among Plotaverse patrons is animating travel memoriesselfiesaction sports and drone shots, architecture, fashion, lifestyle and beauty ads.

Aside from the unique movement, Plotaverse also offers an eye-popping library for video, audio and still overlays. By combining this variety of effects, still, photos are leveraged to what appears to be an endlessly looping movie scene: A spiral staircase begins to move like an escalator; a girl is running through a rye field with her hair and dress flowing through the air, filled with birds and butterflies.

With just a few minutes and little to no practice, Plotagraphs can be created and posted directly to any social media platform and exported in any format. Plotagraphs have proven to quickly double engagement (, and are best viewed on their very own Plotaverse social media platform. Daily contests, impressive gadget prizes and free, high resolution portfolios allow artists to feel at home and show their work to millions of devoted visitors.


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