July 12, 2018 – PRLog 

Today, super star, Ariana Grande, mesmerized her 123 million Instagram followers with a hypnotizing “moving” photo to promote her interview with Elle magazine. Ariana can be seen tossing her hair into an eternal spin, forcing fans to gaze at the surreal effect. The secret behind this unique motion is the photo animation app called Plotaverse. Hip to the newest and coolest photo tricks, Ariana created this Plotagraph from the original still photo taken by Alexi Lubomirski.

Checkout this amazing before and after video of Ariana Grande’s photograph for Elle

How did Ariana really bring this fantastic shot to life? Luckily the answer is simple. Swipe and go! The Plotaverse app allows users to quickly add motion to any single still photo with just a few touches. After downloading the app for free, a few animation arrows can be added to the areas that should move, just like Ariana’s hair, and a mask can be added to the areas that should remain still, like her face and body. The “play” button can be hit anytime to instantly see the photo come to life. In just a few moments, any photo can move like Ariana Grande’s Plotagraph on Instagram.

Plotaverse ArianaGrande Ariana Grande Bedazzles Millions Of Fans With Stunning Plotagraph

Plotaverse is available for iOS and Android. Plotagraphs can be directly posted to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and any other favorite site. Ariana Grande is the ultimate photo trend setter. Be sure to get inspired by her fabulous interview with Elle, where she’s seen, glowing with style and celebrating femininity. To start sharing your own photos Ariana Grande style, download Plotaverse for iOS and Android.

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