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Paris Hilton Called This Photo App “Insane”

Plotaverse 18_06_23_National-Pink-Day Paris Hilton Called This Photo App "Insane"

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – March 1, 2018 – PRLog — Paris Hilton’s Instagram page has recently been blowing up with hypnotizing, animated snapshots from the music video for her new single, “I Need You”. One of her newest promo posts drew over one million views within mere hours. In this viral post, Paris is seen bare skinned and sprawled out in a flood of red roses that are moving continuously around her perfect hourglass silhouette. The roses seem to travel in a seamless, never ending loop. How did Paris create this magical animation effect that is causing such a frenzy? It turns out that she boldly went for a brand new iOS photo app called Plotaverse. The app, created by a small startup, had barely hit the App Store less than two weeks ago, but Paris’ eagle eye for marketing quickly picked up this unique motion effect.

The small team of the Plotaverse startup was ecstatic when they discovered that Paris Hilton started following their Instagram page. They messaged her to find out that she had already downloaded the iOS app, frankly remarking, “That app is insane.” Paris now has four Plotagraphs stirring up her Instagram page promoting her music biz. Her latest Plotagraph addition tells the story behind the new Tyrien Birkin bag by Hérmes. According to Paris, the glamorous birthday gift to herself is making up for the Hérmes Birkin collection that was stolen from her 10 years ago, when her house was broken into. Plotaverse is touched to know that their iOS photo app helps spread personal stories and draw massive attention.

This quick tutorial shows how you can create your own Paris Hilton style Plotagraph.