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Fashion Revolution Day

Plotaverse April-24-2018-Fashion-Revolution-Day Fashion Revolution Day

1st Place Winner: Javo Grafo

2nd Place Winner: Sandra Marinaro

3rd Place Winner: Lizzard Fanning

Fashion Revolution Day Contest Winners! 😃
🥇 Javo Grafo @javografo
🥈 Sandra Marinaro @sandramarinaro
🥉 Lizzard Fanning @lizzardfanning
Great job everyone! Today is National Penguin Day and the submissions so far are awesome! Our Daily Contests End everyday at 6am Pacific Time. 🐧

Earth Day

Plotaverse April-22-2018-Earth-Day Earth Day

1st Place Winner: Anastasia

2nd Place Winner: Carla Lousard

3rd Place Winner: Pedro Petersen

Congratulations to our Earth Day Daily Contest Winners! 🌏 Great use of overlays all around!
🥇 @ (Plotaverse)
🥈 @bellakitsune
🥉 @motionclicks
Today’s image is Take a Chance Day

World Circus Day

Plotaverse April-21-2018-World-Circus-Day World Circus Day

Winner: Sandra Marinaro

2nd Place: Richard

3rd Place: Mark Lucena

Congratulations to yesterday’s World Circus Day Winners!

🥇 Sandra Marinaro @sandramarinaro

🥈 Richard @otogidemon

🥉 Mark Lucena @markism_

Look Alike Day

Plotaverse April-20-2018-National-Look-Alike-Day Look Alike Day

1st Place Winner: Mark Lucena

2nd Place Winner: Jackie Kido

3rd Place Winner: Alexander Haneveld

Our National Look Alike Daily Contest was awesome! All the submissions were great! Congratulations to our top 3 winners! 🏆💯
🥇 Mark Lucena @markism_
🥈 Jackie Kido @jacks9696
🥉 Alexander Haneveld @alexanderhaneveld
Today is Earth 🌏 day! 😃 Submit to Plotaverse for a chance to win! 🎉

Bike Day

Plotaverse April-19-2018-Bike-Day Bike Day

Winner: Javo Grafo

2nd Place: Sandra Marinaro

3rd Place: Sean Scythe

Congratulations to yesterday’s Bike Day Winners! Great job to Javo for an awesome animation and great choice in overlays!

🥇 Javo Grafo @javo

🥈 Sandra Marinaro @sandramarinaro

🥉 Sean Scythe @seanscythe

Pet Owners Appreciation Day

Plotaverse April-18-2018-Pet-Owners-Independence-Day Pet Owners Appreciation Day

1st Place Winner: Elisabeth’s Dream

2nd Place Winner: Carla Lousard

3rd Place Winner: Richard

Congratulations to our Pet Owners Appreciation Day Winners!

🥇 Elisabeths Dream @elisabethscreativearts

🥈 Carla Lousard @kitsune

🥉 Richard @otogidemon

Tax Day

Plotaverse April-17-2018-Tax-Day- Tax Day

Winner: Jackie Kido

2nd Place: Sarval Tarange

3rd Place: Mohamed Zika

Congratulations to our Tax Day Daily Contest Winners!

🥇 @jacks9696
🥈 @sarval_tarange
🥉 @zika2000
We have 10 more days in April so that means 10 more Daily Contests and 10 more NEW overlays! Today is National Look Alike day! Excited to see the submissions! ♥😎

Plotaverse Makes Facebook’s Top 10 Apps List

Plotaverse FB_Top10 Plotaverse Makes Facebook's Top 10 Apps List

Plotaverse became one of ten answers in Facebook’s advice for creating great ads without the dreaded and costly content creation process. Quickly bypassing established app giants, the young startup’s iOS app made the list of Facebook’s top 10 mobile apps. The photo app’s outstanding animation features allow businesses of any caliber to create impactful ads fast and on a budget. But how did Plotaverse’s 8 months old mobile app manage to disrupt visual advertising, going up against 8 billion video views a day on Facebook alone?

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