Look Alike Day

1st Place Winner: Mark Lucena

2nd Place Winner: Jackie Kido

3rd Place Winner: Alexander Haneveld

Our National Look Alike Daily Contest was awesome! All the submissions were great! Congratulations to our top 3 winners! 🏆💯
🥇 Mark Lucena @markism_
🥈 Jackie Kido @jacks9696
🥉 Alexander Haneveld @alexanderhaneveld
Today is Earth 🌏 day! 😃 Submit to Plotaverse for a chance to win! 🎉

Bike Day

Winner: Javo Grafo

2nd Place: Sandra Marinaro

3rd Place: Sean Scythe

Congratulations to yesterday’s Bike Day Winners! Great job to Javo for an awesome animation and great choice in overlays!

🥇 Javo Grafo @javo

🥈 Sandra Marinaro @sandramarinaro

🥉 Sean Scythe @seanscythe

International Jazz Day

1st Place Winner: Pedro Petersen

2nd Place Winner: Jackie Kido

3rd Place Winner: Artemis

Congratulations to our International Jazz Day Daily Contest Winners! 🎷🎺

🥇 Pedro Petersen @motionclicks
🥈 Jackie Kido @jacks9696
🥉 ._@Artemis_.
This was our last contest image for this month! The points will be added up and the winner will be announced soon!