June 12, 2018 – PRLog 

Plotaverse Animation Apps have proven to “breathe life” into any normal still photo as we know it.  A pictured wave can be seen rolling endlessly while the beach in the background remains perfectly still. A knight in shining armor magically starts to breathe heavily, reminiscent of the haunting Harry Potter paintings. How can this effect be created? And, can anyone do it?

Plotagraph by: Troy Christopher Plota

The young startup, Plotaverse, is a small group of artists on a mission to shave hours off photo editing time and help artists monetize their work by applying the unique, state of the art Plotaverse effects. The platform has quickly raked up millions of downloads and photographs turned “Plotagraphs” can be seen all across social media.

Plotagraph by: Chan @ch44n

The desktop version houses a variety of eye-popping photo apps, and is probably best known for its never seen before “Plotagraph” effect, the “PlotaMorph” effect and the “breathing” Pendulum effect. The Pendulum tool in Plotaverse allows users to add a “swaying” or “breathing” motion to their still images. The subtle, organic back-and-forth movement is quickly achieved by adding a few animation arrows and fine tuning the “breathing” effect with handy animation controls.

Plotagraph by: Plotaverse

Plotaverse also offers spectacular images for users to animate for free. The new Contest feature allows subscribers to participate in animation challenges, featuring winning artists every day on their social media channels. Monthly winners receive free membership upgrades, and all Plotaverse power users get a chance to be featured as Artist of the Day. Featured artists can be seen on Plotaverse’s very own sharing platform, buzzing with engagement by their millions of fans.

Tune in this Friday, June 15, as GoPro features Plotaverse founder, Troy Christopher Plota. Troy is a seasoned, Award winning Fashion and Advertising photographer, who has shot for Vanity Fair, GQ and the Rolling Stone and has previously spoken on TedTalks on “The Future of Photography.” This Friday, Troy will demonstrate to GoPro fans and photographers, how traditional photography can be leveraged using Plotaverse Animation Apps in today’s fast paced, video content driven media world.

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