About Us • Our Story

About Us • Our Story
Plotaverse R6X0697_Plota_BIO_1920x270 About Us
Founder: Plota

We Are a Small Group of Artists With a Big Dream 

        Based in Maui Hawaii, Team Plotaverse is leading the way in the exciting new world of Dynamic Imagery. PLOTAGRAPH, Inc. was founded by award-winning Photographer Plota. “We believe that looping content is the evolution of Digital Art and Advertising”. The Team works as a tight-knit family to create digital tools to help people around the world push the boundaries of reality. Plota and his Team are known for being at the forefront of Photography and Technology for over 30 years. Our Team has created the Plotaverse Suite of dynamic apps to help artists transform their images and elevate their digital creations to a whole new level. Now with the addition of the NFT Marketplace Content Creators and Collectors can now monetize their Collections.Even if you are new to motion graphics we have made it easy for you to now bring your images to life like never before. We invite you to “Join The Movement” and see what the Plotaverse Community is all about.

The Plotaverse Suite of Dynamic Apps

 PlotagraphPlotamorphPlota FXDaily Animation Contests


        PLOTAVERSE is our Digital Sharing Platform that features the world’s largest collection of Motion Art, all presented in High Definition on all devices, iPhone, iPad and Desktop including iOS,  Mac and PC. The Award-Winning PLOTAGRAPH App is what put us on the map as “App of the Year” with its first of its kind photo animation algorithms. PLOTAMORPH exclusively featured on Mac/PC has brought professional Morphing to the world with its ease of use, allowing Pro members to combine up to 10 images on morphing projects. PLOTA FX Pro now has hundreds of professional video, audio and still overlays with new content added for our Members every day. Our FX will undoubtedly bring your content to life quickly and easily with a tap of your finger or click of a button. DAILY CONTEST,  this is our newest addition to Plotagraph. Need images to animate? Now you can Plotagraph a new curated challenge image every day and compete for points to win our monthly contest. Our Team is working hard to continuously bring you new features and updates on a monthly basis. Join now and start creating your reality.

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