Plotagraph is a suite of photo animation apps and desktop softwares that allows you to quickly and easily bring your still images and art to life. Our easy to use image animation software features editing tools like automated masking, brush masking, brightness and contrast, hue/saturation, crop tool, feather tool, and many more. PlotaFX is a continuously growing library of video, audio, and still image overlays like snow, rain, lens flares, 3D objects, etc. to bring your animations to the next level. Output your photo animations as GIFs, MP4s or MOV files and use the seamless looping animations in your next advertising campaign, or post to your website, social media, and use in emails. Plotagraph Social is our community platform where you will be able to directly share your looping content, communicate and collaborate with artists, create custom portfolios, and much more!

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