June 19, 2018 – PRLog 

On Friday, June 15, GoPro published a mind blowing carousel of five animated GoPro action shots, that caught the “Likes” of nearly a quarter million Instagrammers within just 48 hours. Over 1.5 thousand amazed enthusiasts commented, asking how the effect was created and rapidly spread the news. The Featured Photographer in GoPro’s viral post is Troy Christopher Plota, who is also the creator of this never seen before effect. It is called a Plotagraph.

“Motion Art Has Really Blown Up This Year!”

Photographer: Troy Christopher Plota

Troy was excited to reveal the motion trick behind the featured Plotagraphs and pointed out why they have a viral effect. “The fast-moving action, sand, cloud, and water environments in GoPro photos are a perfect combination for Plotagraph Troy explained in GoPro’s Instagram feature. “The ease of shooting on GoPro consistently brings content to the next level and captures action like no other camera.” The Plotagraphs show a seamless, never ending flow of kicked up dirt, ocean waves, and a baffling animation of a Hero 6 shot. The hypnotizing Plotagraph effect is created with only one single, still Hero 6 shot, and not multiple photos as one would assume

Photographer: Troy Christopher Plota

Troy has always been on the forefront of Technology. “Motion Art has blown up this year. GoPro and their community have been there from the start, posting epic Plotagraphs and pushing content to the next level. It’s great to see talented creators like @snapair + @mitch_gilmore_ collaborating to push our apps to the next level.”

Photographer: Troy Christopher Plota

Yesterday, June 18th, the startup celebrated the one millionth download of their Desktop Pro software. Troy personally reached out to the unsuspecting artist with congratulations and an Annual Pro Membership giveaway. Within just one year, over 4 million creatives have joined the vibrant Motion Art community, using Plotaverse Apps for desktop and mobile. To find out more about how to animate still photos into engaging Plotagraphs, visit

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