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@Mitch_Gilmore_ Featured Artist

Plotaverse 18_07_23_@mitch_gilmore_Feature @Mitch_Gilmore_ Featured Artist

1st Place Winner: Victoria

2nd Place Winner: Nadja

3rd Place Winner: Javo Grafo

Huge thanks to @mitch_gilmore_ for providing this Daily Challenge Image! We are starting to promote artists on a weekly basis on Plotaverse as artist of the day and as a Daily Challenge! Submit you images to our type form link in our @plotagraph Story! Congrats to the winners!🎉

🥇 Victoria @vebervic

🥈 Nadja @nadja

🥉 Javo @javo

Todays “Hot Enough For Ya” Daily Challenge Image is Now Available To Animate! 🔥

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