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I will start off with the hottest question in Digital Marketing: How can a business promote and maintain brand visibility without getting buried in competing content? It is no secret that video content outshines all other forms of visual ads. But your video ad on Facebook alone is going up against 8 billion video views per day. Seeping through competing ads costs a pretty penny and takes time for ROI to roll in. With a dizzying selection of photo and video apps available, is it still possible to market products with a visual edge? The good news is that there really is an unexpected way to uplift brand visibility and monetize all the time and money spent on creating visual ads.

Grab attention! Boost Traffic, Shares and Engagement!

By Plotaverse

What if the posted video never ended and managed to hold eyeballs like a hypnotizing magnet? Could a visual be so unfamiliar that it blatantly popped out of our media feed? Plotagraphs seem to do exactly that. In fall of 2017, Plotagraph’s seamlessly looping videos spearheaded the moving content industry. Brands like Coca Cola, Wella, Chevrolet and Red Bull seized the opportunity, boosting their brand with captivating Plotagraphs. But what are Plotagraphs? They are created from a single still image without the need for video or multiple photos. Users of any skill level can quickly animate and post uniquely moving images to their business and social sites. On Instagram and Facebook, Plotagraphs have proven to attract up to 10 times the amount of views and engagement than surrounding images.

Plotagraphs are bound to continue their global impact on visual marketing. To find out how to create visual marketing Plotagraphs, tune into KelbyOne for a detailed presentation or visit

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