How Paris Hilton Captured almost 4 Million Views on Instagram with Plotaverse Copy

Paris Hilton Featured Image

Our small team was super surprised when Paris Hilton became one of our first Plotaverse fans. That was back in February. Fast forward to now, Plotagraphs are sprinkled all over her Instagram page. We also noticed her 6 digit engagement numbers on each of her Plotagraph posts. That’s more than double the action on any of her still posts. Her sparkling PlotaFX attracts over a 170k fans every time! Clearly Paris is doing something right.

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5 Reasons Why Brands Advertise with Plotagraphs

With only two Plotagraph reposts on Instagram, Team GaryVee managed to celebrate what Gary Vaynerchuck is best known for: Being a digital marketing and social media icon. GaryVee’s “003 Clouds and Dirt” sneakers by K Swiss can be seen floating in a hypnotizing looping video. The cloud movement strikes curiosity because the loop is perfectly fluent, with no sign of a beginning or an end. Gary Vee’s Gang ramped up 3 times more engagement with this Plotagraph than on any of the posted still images on their official Instagram page.

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Plotaverse Makes Facebook’s Top 10 Apps List

Plotaverse became one of ten answers in Facebook’s advice for creating great ads without the dreaded and costly content creation process. Quickly bypassing established app giants, the young startup’s iOS app made the list of Facebook’s top 10 mobile apps. The photo app’s outstanding animation features allow businesses of any caliber to create impactful ads fast and on a budget. But how did Plotaverse’s 8 months old mobile app manage to disrupt visual advertising, going up against 8 billion video views a day on Facebook alone?

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Why PLOTAVERSE Manages to Disrupt Visual Marketing

I will start off with the hottest question in Digital Marketing: How can a business promote and maintain brand visibility without getting buried in competing content? It is no secret that video content outshines all other forms of visual ads. But your video ad on Facebook alone is going up against 8 billion video views per day. Seeping through competing ads costs a pretty penny and takes time for ROI to roll in. With a dizzying selection of photo and video apps available, is it still possible to market products with a visual edge? The good news is that there really is an unexpected way to uplift brand visibility and monetize all the time and money spent on creating visual ads.

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Why Millions Of Plotagraphs Are Going Viral On Instagram, Facebook And Twitter

Loved by artists, social media surfers and influencers, Plotaverse is a must-have for anybody who wants to stand out in even the most saturated media feeds. Simply start with a single still photo, add movement with a few finger swipes and share the animation with the world! Creating a GIF or looping video no longer requires video files or multiple images.

In addition, the app’s countless animation effects are so unique and unusual to the human eye that Plotagraphs get double the amount of views and engagement on social media than all surrounding still photos. GoPro for example posted a viral Plotagraph on their official Instagram page, and quickly caught the attention of graphic designers, art lovers, sports and travel enthusiasts. The magical movement in the photos sparked a curiosity around the world for how this unique effect was created. Instagram influencer, Exotic Luxury Media, is known for their extravagant travel stories, and attracted over 1.8 million views on their air travel Plotagraph within a mere 12 hours. The hypnotizing loops bring audiences together and ignite conversations.

We are a small group of artists on a mission to help artists and photographers monetize their work. Facebook picked up our message and now recommends Plotaverse as one of top 5 Photo Apps that can help social media posts and advertising stand out and boost engagement. To join our movement, download the app for free in Google Play or the App Store.

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House Of Malakai “Crowns” Beyonce Again And Talks To Plotaverse


May 2, 2018 – PRLog 

Beychella’s glistening Nefertiti crown reigned over Coachella’s grand finale weekend. Who better to revive and strut the lavish wardrobe of ancient Egypt’s monarchs than Queen Bey herself? Fashion legend, Balmain, and Beyonce partnered up to create this breathtaking ensemble.

The gifted artist, who designed this ruler worthy headpiece, inspired by Balmain, is none other than House Of Malakai. HOM is also the talent behind Beyonce’s unforgettable golden Nefertiti crown, radiating like a star above the Beyhive during the GRAMMYS, as well as headpiece designs for her upcoming On The Run II world tour with Jay-Z.

Plotaverse Interview with HOM

“Designing for celebrities is very enriching” Malakai stated in a recent interview with Plotaverse.

Plotaverse: You have quite a roster: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, FKA Twigs, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Willow Smith, Erykah Badu and the list goes on along with the most recent Beyonce Coachella performance that is making worldwide headlines?

HOM: “With my background in performance art, I feel I understand the needs of the artists. It is an opportunity to create a message. Musical artists take great risks and are willing to go out of the box with fashion. It is a place of pushing the evolution and boundaries, living your fantasy and opening the minds of others.
 My work attracts the mystical and meaningful moments. I have been blessed to be apart of some historical moments.


Plotaverse: What inspired you to become a fashion designer and how long have you been in the industry?

HOM: “My inspiration to become a designer happened very organically. I started making clothes as a form of Self Expression. My roots are in the Gothic, Punk, and Rave subcultures. These underground movements were the first time I witnessed adornment merged with deep intentions and social-political viewpoints. This evolved into a journey of ceremony and ritual that morphed into a career in performance art. Performing and making clothes and costumes was where I began to refine the art of fabrication.
 I moved my energy into the House Of Malakai project in 2013.”

Plotaverse: What inspired you to use Plotaverse animation software?

HOM: “I have found Plotaverse to be a refreshing way to reach the audience. I think it is the future of social platforms. To be able to view imagery in 4k resolution and actually build portfolios and stories that will remain through time is amazing.”

Plotaverse: Is there any advice you can give future designers out there?

HOM: “Engaging in craft and pushing yourself to learn new things is the way forward. Achievement is connected to self-esteem, do not be afraid to make mistakes, even in public. We are all capable of many things. Merge your passion with discipline and dedication. Do not let fear hold you back.


HOM is planning on doing an editorial collaboration with Plotaverse in the future. To learn more about Plotaverse, visit them at

To watch Rihanna’s head piece move, click on the video below.

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Paris Hilton Called This Photo App “Insane”

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – March 1, 2018 – PRLog — Paris Hilton’s Instagram page has recently been blowing up with hypnotizing, animated snapshots from the music video for her new single, “I Need You”. One of her newest promo posts drew over one million views within mere hours. In this viral post, Paris is seen bare skinned and sprawled out in a flood of red roses that are moving continuously around her perfect hourglass silhouette. The roses seem to travel in a seamless, never ending loop. How did Paris create this magical animation effect that is causing such a frenzy? It turns out that she boldly went for a brand new iOS photo app called Plotaverse. The app, created by a small startup, had barely hit the App Store less than two weeks ago, but Paris’ eagle eye for marketing quickly picked up this unique motion effect.

The small team of the Plotaverse startup was ecstatic when they discovered that Paris Hilton started following their Instagram page. They messaged her to find out that she had already downloaded the iOS app, frankly remarking, “That app is insane.” Paris now has four Plotagraphs stirring up her Instagram page promoting her music biz. Her latest Plotagraph addition tells the story behind the new Tyrien Birkin bag by Hérmes. According to Paris, the glamorous birthday gift to herself is making up for the Hérmes Birkin collection that was stolen from her 10 years ago, when her house was broken into. Plotaverse is touched to know that their iOS photo app helps spread personal stories and draw massive attention.

This quick tutorial shows how you can create your own Paris Hilton style Plotagraph.